In 2004 Hope for Mtshabezi Organization is founded with the purchase of equipment and medication for Mtshabezi Hospital. In 2006 the organization sponsors monthly trips to Mtshabezi Hospital for a visiting doctor as the hospital did not have any doctors and was run by nurses. HFM funds the construction of men and women’s bathrooms at Mtshabezi Hospital, provides all equipment and materials, and hires builders from the community of Mtshabezi. The hospital is provided with medication, medical supplies, and equipment and HFM sponsors NUST (National University of Science and Technology) medical students/lecturers for a week-long health outreach at the hospital.

In 2007 remodels and furnishes Doctors quarters in the hope of getting a doctor for the hospital, and in 2008 the first doctor in 7 years joins Mtshabezi hospital staff. HFM donates a vehicle to provide transportation for the doctor. The economic situation in Zimbabwe is dire and beyond our imagination. HFM soon realizes that many villagers could not even travel to the hospital due to huge economic constraints and some just too sick to walk for miles. As a result, HFM sponsors the first Community Health Outreach at Lumene School. 13 doctors and dozens of other medical professionals volunteered their services and HFM provides the medication and medical supplies. They worked from sunrise to sunset until all medication and supplies ran out, serving hundreds of villagers.

It is from this point on that HFM holds hold frequent Community Health Outreach events, serving thousands of people. HFM also continues to support the local Mthsabezi Hospital with medication and supplies. In 2011, HFM partners with Gwanda Ministry of Health in Child Immunizations by buying fuel for the nurses to do immunizations in 13 schools in the district. In 2012, Compassionate Justice International gives HFM a generous donation of $800,000.00 in Medical equipment, and books. Medical equipment was distributed to hospitals and clinics in the areas and books donated to schools in Matebeleland South. In 2015 HFM finalizes its plans for t a clinic at Mayezane Village. The clinicwill serve 6 nearby villages, reducing the distance patients have to walk to get access to healthcare.

The need continues to be great, and HFM continues to provide access to healthcare to the underserved population of Matebeleland South.



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